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The scientific analyses carried out by physical and chemical methods on works of art and Cultural Heritage are of great interest to restorers, conservators, archaeologists and historians, as they allow obtaining information about the artworks their creative processes, state of conservation, hidden designs, materials used, etc. This information can also help in evaluations and treatments for conservation, restoration, art history study, authenticity process, etc.

The analysis methods that were used include imaging processes, vibrational methods, and nuclear atomic techniques to identify organic and inorganic materials. In addition, analyses are performed “in situ”, without the need to remove artworks from museums and collections.

The analytical techniques used in the studies are non-destructive, as there is no sampling, a relevant fact due to the high historical and cultural value of the artworks.

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Experience with the techniques:

  • Photography

  • Photography with raking light

  • Transmitted light photography

  • Ultraviolet-induced visible luminescence photography (UVL)

  • Infrared reflectography (IRR)

  • Infrared reflectography with transmitted light

  • Digital radiography

  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF)

  • Macro X-ray fluorescence scanning (MA-XRF)

  • Rama spectroscopy

  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) with Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis (EDX)

  • Drone imaging (UAV)

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SEM-EDX - University of Malta.jpg
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Projects developed with

Laboratory of Archaeometry and Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage (LACAPC), Institute of Physics of the University of São Paulo (IFUSP), Brazil.


Department of Conservation & Built Heritage, Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malta, Malta.

Partnerships with institutions

Museum of Art of São Paulo
Ipiranga Museum
Modern Art Museum
Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo
Portinari House Museum

Institute of Brazilian Studies - IEB USP

Lasar Segall Museum
Heritage Malta

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